About Awaken Yoga

Awaken Yoga

Awaken Yoga was founded by Jennifer Langsdale in 2006. It started as a mobile business, where Jennifer would do home visits for clients with various therapeutic needs, and group classes at various locations around the Northeast Ohio area.

Then it transformed into a private yoga business and Yoga School. Jennifer began with a 200 hour training program in 2008 and quickly expanded it into a Yogic Studies Program and Teacher Training, as she felt 200 hours was not enough to even scrape the bucket on what yoga’s potential is.

As she continued to grow her programs and network of teachers who specialized in specific yogic subjects, she moved the school into the Shore Cultural Centre in Euclid, Ohio in 2010, and then expanded to her current location in Mentor, Ohio where Awaken Yoga now houses two spacious studios for the school & studio classes, healing arts rooms and a yoga shop & book store. She wanted a warm, intimate space where people feel invited when they walk in, and not intimidated. This is the space you will find Awaken Yoga in today.

Awaken Yoga strives to be your source for living yoga. When you walk into the studio, you will be educated, supported and guided in all things yoga and healing.

Awaken Yoga StudioAt Awaken Yoga, we provide you with the expertise and ambiance needed to support a holistic yoga experience: Yoga Classes, Healing Arts treatments such as reiki, massage, and yoga therapy, and a Yoga Alliance registered Teacher Training School. Our shop supports your take-home experience of yoga and healing arts. Our teachers support your needs, ailments, questions and make you feel comfortable being who you are.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are mostly trained by Jennifer at Awaken Yoga, and the ones who are not are chosen for being well-educated, versatile teachers who take very good care of their students. We all understand the journey it takes to get here, so we are patient, compassionate, and excited to work with all of our students.

Who is Awaken Yoga for?

Awaken Yoga is for the real person. You’re someone who is looking for an hour to yourself after a busy day at work or when the kids are at school. You want to take care of your health and increase your self-awareness. You may also want to understand and learn more about yoga.

We can be challenging, gentle and relaxing, or energizing depending on the class you take, but we are always passionate and excited about sharing all things yoga with you. We love beginner yogis and helping those who want to learn more. We have something for everyone. We don’t want to ever limit ourselves to just one thing or “pop culture yoga”.

How does yoga at Awaken benefit and enhance your life?

  • Increases self-awareness
  • Decreases stress, doubt, fear and anxiety
  • Increases life purpose and vitality
  • Heals the mind, body and soul
  • Builds bridges to who we really want to be
  • Gives skills for relaxation and health for daily living

A healthier community

When you are happy, it helps make everyone around you happy…yoga is contagious!

Why should you make Awaken Yoga your home studio?

We will always take care you as our guest. We know what it takes to make yourself a priority these days, and we want whatever time you dedicate to yourself with us to be as wonderful as possible.