Allison Shalek



I teach:

Yoga Sculpt

What to expect in my classes:

I started practicing yoga in 2003 as a retired ballerina. Not much of an athlete, I was looking for a way to exercise that did not involve having to catch a ball. I was always really flexible and yoga “made sense” in my brain. As the yoga teacher introduced new poses I could really feel them in my body and I always left class feeling light and peaceful. As often happens, I got busy with life and drifted away from yoga. After several years in a corporate job, I found my way back to yoga to deal with high stress levels. This time around I found that yoga helped strengthen my body and my mind. Yoga has showed me there is more to life than crossing items off a “to do” list. And to savor each moment we have. I completed my 200 hour level certification in spring 2017 at Awaken Yoga. I enjoy helping students discover what yoga can offer them. My intention as a yoga teacher is to create a safe non-judgmental space that allows students to connect to their body and relax and focus their mind.