Alyssa Gustwiller

Alyssa Gustwiller


I teach:

Beginners Yoga and Deep Stretch

What to expect in my classes:

In Beginners Yoga, you will learn the basics of yoga and develop your strength, endurance and comfort level with a variety of asanas.

In Deep Stretch, we will explore areas of tension in the body and use yoga poses & deep breath to release that tension.

Favorite type of yoga:

I love standing asanas – Virabhadrasana I, II, Crescent Lunges – they make me feel strong and confident.

Favorite song:

The first song I heard in a yoga class was Breathe by Alexi Murdoch. It always reminds me to breathe through life’s most challenging moments, or through my practice’s most challenging poses.

Favorite books:

Meditations from the Mat, by Rolf Gates

As a runner and cyclist, I was looking for a way to heal the stress and strain that my activity put on my body. This is what led me to yoga.

As I deepened my yoga practice, I began to realize how yoga changed the way that I experience life. It has helped me calm my mind and approach life’s challenges with more peace. Through teaching, I hope to educate and inspire my students to learn something new about their minds, bodies and souls.

My yoga practice has introduced me to an incredible community of people. Through these relationships, I have been challenged to approach life differently. Yoga has inspired me to live a holistically healthy life.