Dawn Britsky

Dawn Britsky

CYT-500, Certified Yoga Therapist, Kid’s Yoga Teacher 


I teach:

I am honored to teach several types of classes with the Awaken Yoga community. The classes I am humbled and grateful to guide are; Chakra Yoga, Gentle Yoga, and Deep Stretch

What to expect in my classes:

In all my classes we take our time to center and create a sacred space for your practice. We will create intention and a one pointed concentration throughout with breathe awareness. Allowing the present moment to unfold as body, mind and spirit come together in a higher vibration. We will end each practice with a final relaxation in which we find gratitude for ourselves, recognition of intention, and hopefully a less stressed and happier being of light, with a more open attitude of peace to bring into the rest of the days journey.

Favorite asana & type of yoga:

My favorite asana changes all the time. Shavasana must be my favorite, because I love Yoga Nidra and creation of Sankalpa. It is forever changing my life for the better. It’s the place I go when life is overwhelming, stressful or just busy. In any given moment I have a opportunity to incorporate an yoga into my life. So the one that brings me where I need to be is my favorite in that moment.

I enjoy all types of yoga. Hatha is what I was trained in and encompasses all I need right now. I love learning about myself and others through the chakras. Meditation is part of my daily practice. Sometimes I add self-study or Pranayama and of course some sort of healing movement. I enjoy Flows, Yin, and Vinyasa. Yoga has taught me that no matter what type I am practicing at the time awareness and consciousness is to be brought off the mat and into our world.

Favorite books:

The InvitationReturn to Love, and The Little Soul and the Sun


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quoteYoga has opened my eyes and my heart to a spiritual path, a deeper understanding of self and others. I now understand the truth that we are all one. I have found understanding of myself and my tribe. It has inspired levels of deep awareness and creativity. I have touched the power that is in all of us and grown leaps and bounds.

Yoga has lead me on many journeys of self discovery, growth and healing. On my journey prior to yoga, I was finding healing and awareness through varied dance modalities. It wasn’t until Yoga Therapy that I began to understand the extent at which we hold our problems and pain in our body. Through chakra realizations and release of energy blocks, I gained awareness and insight that I was able to truly heal, forgive and find love for myself. This path has lead me and others to an improved life and opened many doors that I didn’t even know were shut. What was once many problems are now many opportunities for growth.

The universe lead me to teach yoga. Every time I question how I came to do all the things I have done thus far in life, how I have been blessed with opportunity, I am quickly reminded that it is not me it is through me that I am able to teach. It is in that awareness that I find gratitude and strength to guide others on the path. That is why I teach.

It is my belief that spirit is in us all and when we are in touch with that part of ourselves, we are in union with the light. We then have opportunity to give back what we have been given. Through my many teachers and many friends, I have been given much and it is my turn to give/ share the gift I have been given. Yoga is a healing path for me. When I teach I am in the NOW and all else slips away. It is a gift to guide, to see that effect manifest in others, to see others on the path of healing. It is a gift to teach yoga.