Is Yoga for me?

Yoga is for everyone! Our studio hosts all practitioners of yoga who want an authentic yoga experience.

Whether you’re curious, healing from something, stressed, or want to try something new, yoga is for anybody open to it.

Are you a beginner yogi wanting to understand what yoga is all about? Awaken Yoga is a wonderful and supportive community where you can begin your practice. Maybe you practice yoga at home regularly, but you’re looking for an inviting studio atmosphere to enhance your knowledge? Awaken Yoga is perfect for you. Advanced yogi? We have many classes that will challenge you and let you grow and go even deeper into your practice.

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Where do I start if I’m a beginner?

Try any of our classes listed as gentle, beginner, or all level yoga. We do not recommend you start out with vinyasa until you have experienced a few classes. Please do not try our intermediate classes until you have permission from the instructor.

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Which class should I take if I'm already familiar with yoga?

Any class you want that indicates multi-level. Intermediate is truly intermediate. It means that you have plenty of yoga experience (more than just taking a class here and there) and understand how to modify yourself. If you’re not sure, try a gentle or beginner class to get a feel for where you are in your practice.

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Can I just show up / drop in to class?

Absolutely! Keep in mind that some classes are more popular than others due to their time slots, so we encourage you to sign up online.

Children's Policy

Children 16-17 years of age need to be accompanied by an adult to their first class to receive permission from the instructor and parent to attend class by themselves, and sign a waiver.

Children 15 years and younger need to be accompanied to class with a parent. Parents may not drop off children 15 and younger unless they receive permission from Awaken Yoga LLC’s staff who are in charge to do so. Parents need to sign children 15 years and younger in and out of classes.

How much does a class cost, and what am I paying for?

Check out our Pricing & Packages. Think of yoga as an investment for your health and mental well-being. You are investing in a 60-75 minute class with a well-educated yoga teacher who immerses you in a peaceful and reflective experience. You are also investing in the use of our warm & inviting space, our studio amenities and ambiance. You will leave class feeling refreshed and invigorated.

What should I bring to class?

All you need is yourself! You may borrow a yoga mat from us or bring your own. We also provide water, tea…and the yoga of course!

Where can I find.... ?

We have a lot going on at Awaken Yoga, and we understand it can sometimes be a little overwhelming to find what you need. So we’ve created this helpful outline of all the pages on this website that should make it easier to find what you need if you’re feeling lost. You can also try the Quick Search at the bottom of the page!

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