Healing Arts

Healing Arts are healing modalities that are one-to-one sessions between client and practitioner. These healing modalities can be administered through physical touch or energy healing. Most sessions are between 50-90 minutes. All sessions are tailored to the client’s needs. All practitioners are highly trained and specialize in their fields.


50 minutes/$60 75 minutes/$90 90 minutes/$108 But please check each modality on this page for pricing, as there may be other options available. You can also learn more about each modality and download the current price list here!

Our Practitioners

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The Benefits

Healing Arts are tailored to the client, so whatever protocol the client needs or requests, the practitioner will honor. Some benefits may be physical healing of an ailment, mental quieting and calming, de-stressing, reducing pain, re-gaining a sense of self and personal power.

What can I expect during my session?

At Awaken Yoga, we provide an atmosphere dedicated to healing, with music, candles, aromatherapy, and comfortable spaces for ultimate peace & relaxation. The studio is quiet during non-class hours, but during class hours, you may hear muffled voices or movement before and after classes in the building. If you are noise sensitive, we recommend booking a session during non-class times. Please call and we can assist you with this.

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Inner Wisdom® Yoga TherapyInner Wisdom®

Formerly known as Body Wisdom

75 minutes/$90,  Package of 4/$330

Created by Jennifer Langsdale Inner Wisdom® is a form of yoga therapy which allows us to take our power back from our losses, past traumas and emotional burdens. Be guided to talk your way through the 7 key energy centers of your body to release pain and find your personal power. A truly restorative experience to the heart and soul for those looking for deep healing. Read Testimonials…

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Relaxation Massage:  50 minutes/$60,  75 minutes/$90,  90 minutes/$108

Restore, release, and renew the body, mind and spirit with this full body massage.

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Thai Yoga MassageThai Yoga Massage

50 minutes/$60,  75 minutes/$90,  50 minutes Prenatal/$60

A clothes-on massage, done with a mixture of assisted stretching and massage. Great for releasing tension and gaining flexibility in the muscles and joints. Thai massage improves circulation, flexibility, muscle tone, and is the perfect complement to any exercise routine.

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50 minutes/$60,  75 minutes/$90,  90 minutes/$108

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. It is also effective in helping to relieve physical and emotional pain, stress, and exhaustion.

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Private Yoga InstructionPrivate Yoga Instruction

50 minutes/$60,  75 minutes/$90,  90 minutes/$108,  Additional Students in a Regular Session/$20

Children’s Sessions: 1 parent and up to 3 children for $35, $10 for each additional child/parent

Learn yoga tailored to your needs. Let your instructor know your needs. Great for pain in the body, injury recovery, overall health and well-being. Sessions can be offered in traditional yoga, chair yoga, and vinyasa. Feel free to bring a friend!

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Postnatal Private Yoga Instruction

with Jennifer Langsdale: $60

Have a lot of aches and pains from your last pregnancy? Did you know you are considered to be postnatal up to 1-2 years after birth/breast feeding? Many women suffer from their bodies being not quite right after birth due to many factors that can happen in labor. Take this specially-tailored-to-you session to help you deal with your postnatal issues connected to physical discomfort, mental strain, depression, anxiety, stress, or just the need to be take care of.

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