Mark Apone

I had a hard time sitting still or seeing value in meditation, until I started my teacher training. Meditation became easier and easier for me as we practiced it and it opened my eyes to the astounding health benefits that can be gained from meditation. I plan on setting up a daily meditation practice to expand beyond my yoga practice. In my thirties, I ran into a lot of issues with my spine that caused various problems with my health, due to nerve constriction. I found relief through frequent chiropractic treatments, but never really found an answer to my aliments until I met an Acupuncturist that fixed everything with one treatment after years of seeing chiropractors and doctors. While I was into practicing yoga during that time, it was that experience that showed me that our current health system isn’t enough and ignited my passion for helping others with alternative healing. I decided to go into Yoga teacher training as a way to bring therapy to the others and share my knowledge and experiences.

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Barbara DeWilde

LMT/CYT/IWP – Specializing in pre/postnatal, infant, and pediatric massage and yoga. Inner Wisdom® has been a saving grace. I have spent many years learning to be at peace and love myself fully. This work is so powerful, loving, and dare I say magical. If you are looking to release what no longer serves you, and I mean really let go, then this is  for you. Results are in, and it is agreed that to receive Inner Wisdom® sessions is such a blessing. It is an honor to be a part of this magnificent healing. It brings me much joy to witness people reap the benefits of this incredible work.

My office is located in Lifesource Yoga at 300 N Cleve Mass Rd Akron 44333 (moving soon, details to come).

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Veronica Respecki

Yoga helped me learn to listen to my body. I spent most of my life ignoring my body and pushing it to go beyond what I should have. Now I am learning to love and appreciate my body and really develop a healthy relationship with my body for the first time. My favorite part of the training was spending time with all the wonderful teachers and my yogini peers. Honestly, I loved all of it. I learned SO much through this experience it was all so very valuable. Eventually I want to start a healing center. For now, I would love to work with others to empower them to listen to their bodies…helping teach them to connect their mind, body and spirit.

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Lindsay Rieder

Lindsay began her journey into the healing arts in January 2013. After 11 plus years of working in the medical field she came to the realization that she wanted to help people heal themselves with a natural and holistic approach. She had always been intrigued by holistic and energy work. In March 2013 she enrolled in Inner Wisdom® and Reiki training at Awaken Yoga School in Mentor Ohio. Inner Wisdom® and Reiki have tremendously changed her life. Inner Wisdom® has given her confidence and the ability to find inner peace within herself. The energy she feels from Reiki amazes her every day and has helped her significantly decrease her anxiety. She is grateful for this new knowledge and energy and looking forward to helping others begin to heal and gain a sense of peace and harmony within themselves.

Lindsay completed her training and certification at Awaken Yoga School in Inner Wisdom® with Jennifer Langsdale in December 2013 and received her certification in Usui Advanced Reiki with Tina DiCillo in October 2013. She has also received her Reiki Master certification in March 2014 from Minh Chau Craig Reiki Master.

Lindsay offers Inner Wisdom® yoga therapy sessions at Awaken Yoga and other various locations. To contact her visit her website at

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Denise Sacchini

Yoga teacher training enhanced my strength, endurance, determination, compassion, self-discipline and control. It stretched my goals beyond my expectation… and I didn’t even realize it was happening. Teacher training pushed me beyond my comfort level – mentally, physically and spiritually – for which I am now a better version of me. I am so blessed to have had the most awesome classmates and teachers. I am most grateful to have taken this journey with them – they will be friends I will forever cherish. Yoga training has given me better balance on the mat and in living daily life, which has been very healing. I have gained even more respect for all that yoga can do for the body, mind, heart and soul. Live in the moment. Namaste ~ Contact me

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Jessica Sowers

Meet Jessica Sowers, E-RYT, HC, AADP and Inner Wisdom Junior Practitioner. “Inner Wisdom® has enhanced my ability to connect into my own energy centers. Enhancing my ability to truly listen and better understand feelings and thoughts and to determine positive methods of letting go of what may hold me back. Since receiving Inner Wisdom® sessions, my self confidence and self acceptance has drastically increased and I have a stronger understanding of my reactions and thoughts. Sharing this healing practice with others has impacted me deeply. To guide someone through their own self discovery and be a resource for their healing, growth and acceptance is truly a beautiful gift.”

To share in this practice, Jessica can be found at BodyBLISS Connection, llc in Warren, Ohio. 1891 Niles Cortland Rd. NE Warren, OH 44484.

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