Jenna Hull Prenatal Yoga

Jenna Hull

RYT-200, Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher

I teach:

Prenatal Yoga, and I love it! I love helping mamas move their bodies, find their power, and prepare for childbirth, or just simply relax.

What to expect in my classes:

Movement, breath work, and affirmations. Because we’ve become so sedentary in our daily lives, each class incorporates a number of different poses to move the body and restore balance to the pelvis. By restoring pelvic balance, baby often moves into an optimal fetal position which often results in an efficient straightforward birth. We also always do some breath work as pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood require us to tune into our breath! And because it’s a prenatal yoga class, I include birth affirmations and decor throughout the room when I teach in an effort to make the experience maternal, positive, and intuitive.

Favorite type of yoga:

Gentle hatha yoga. I love opening my body slowly and peacefully. My life moves fast enough; I love intentionally slowing down with gentle hatha yoga.

Favorite type of prenatal yoga:

Garland/Goddess. I love this pose for so many reasons. It’s a pose of strength and power while for me it also encompasses surrender. Birth is such a powerful process that often times we forget we need to surrender to it all. I love introducing the idea of birthing in this pose to mamas because physically, the pelvis opens to its maximum, gravity is at mama’s beck and call, and you don’t feel vulnerable. You feel safe and strong, both are feelings mama’s need to birth with autonomy.

Favorite song:

Lokaha, by Wah!

Favorite pregnancy book:

Just one?!! I love Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth,  Gurmukh’s Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful, and Peggy Vincent’s Babycatcher.

Take a prenatal yoga class with Jenna Hull
Take a prenatal yoga class with Jenna Hull

Jenna was a guest on the Planet Prana Podcast, speaking all about Prenatal Yoga, along with a special treat…an audio of a 65 minute Prenatal class recorded at Awaken Yoga!

Take a prenatal yoga class with Jenna Hull

Jenna guests on the Delivery Strength Podcast at the 2017 Rally to Improve Birth in Chardon, Ohio. She’s on at the 54:00 minute mark!

  • Yoga Teacher training — 200 hours, Oasis Yoga Spa (Solon) and Prenatal at Awaken.
  • Other education and credentials — Advanced Reiki Practitioner, Bachelor of Environmental Science.
  • Trained in the birth arts of — Rebozo (with Gena Kirby), Spinning Babies (with Gail Tully), and Doula training (DONA-Doulas of North America).
  • Creative endeavors — published in Midwifery Today, Mothering Magazine, The Journey, MaryJane’s Farm, Balanced Living. Created Mother Wit Magazine and currently authors Chrysalis prenatal yoga newsletter.
  • Other — Birthed all three children at home with midwives, studied placenta encapsulation, flirted with home birth midwifery, attended ten births as a doula then stopped flirting with midwifery, heads up the Natural Childbirth Network of Lake County. Available for reiki or private prenatal sessions.
Jenna Hull