Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Provide support for expecting mothers

The Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training certificate prepares you with essentials for creating, organizing and teaching prenatal yoga classes, series, workshops, and private sessions. This training is 40 hours of contact and non-contact hours. We accept yoga teachers, body workers, doulas, and all those in Women’s Healthcare! Contact us if you have questions about our curriculum. Syllabus coming soon!


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About Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga is a type of yoga to prepare mothers for pregnancy, childbirth, and postnatal care. It is safe for all trimesters and levels of practitioners. We create a safe space for women to share their pregnancy experiences and talk about motherhood, to explore their changing bodies and find a space of connection for themselves and babies.

What credential do I earn?

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Certification through Awaken Yoga School, once your outside non-contact hour assignments are complete (5 hours). Teachers wanting a continuing education credit may ask for a certificate if they wish to not complete the outside assignments.

What will this program do for me?

You will be prepared to safely modify, assist, instruct and hold the space for community for expecting mothers in all trimesters. This certification allows you to teach prenatal yoga classes, series, workshops and private sessions.

Core Curriculum

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training at Awaken YogaTeachers will begin to understand:

  • Understanding of the 3 Trimesters of pregnancy and labor
  • How yoga benefits the pregnant yogini
  • The contradictions of yoga asanas and pranayamas for pregnancy
  • Sequences for all-trimester-friendly classes
  • Modifications for pregnancy that can be used in your regular classes
  • Breathing techniques for pregnancy and labor
  • Common ailments and what aspects of yoga will relieve them
  • Supported relaxation asanas
  • Jolynn Radin LMT Doula and Mayan Abdominal Practitioner will be leading the Anatomical Training
  • Refining Sequencing
  • Enriching Classroom Offerings for Students and Private Clients
  • Bringing the partner in
  • Postnatal Yoga Care and Anatomy
  • Fertility Awareness and Yoga
  • Mommy and Baby Yoga

Required Reading

  • Birthing from Within, by Pam England & Rob Horowitz
  • Bountiful, Blissful, Beautiful, by Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa
  • The Birth Partner, by Penny Simkin
  • Preparing for Gentle Birth, by Blandine Calais- Germain

Recommended Reading

  • Aromatherapy for Babies and Children, by Penny Price and Shirley Price
  • Aromatherapy for Mother and Baby, by Allison England
  • Luna Yoga, by Adelheid Ohlig
  • Preparing for Birth with Yoga, by Janet Balaskas
  • Fully Fertile, by Tami Quinn

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Refund Policy

This program is a commitment. There are no refunds 75 days prior to the start of this training unless otherwise indicated. Deposits and application fees are all non-refundable. There is a 25% return fee over 75 days prior to the start date for 300 Hour, Inner Wisdom® and Continuing Education trainings. Certain exceptions may be granted per the decision of the director of training based on need and severity of the situation. In these situations, a student may be able to make up the course the next time it occurs, by approval of the instructor.