Prenatal Yoga Classes

Yoga for Expecting Mothers, at Awaken Yoga


Jenna Hull Prenatal Yoga
Jenna Hull

RYT-200 &
Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher

Join Jenna for our tailor-made classes & workshops that will help you prepare for the arrival of your little one!

Prenatal Yoga FAQ

What are the benefits of prenatal yoga? Find out what they are, and more, here!

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Planet Prana Podcast

Jenna was a guest on the Planet Prana Podcast, speaking all about Prenatal Yoga, along with a special treat…an audio of a 65 minute Prenatal class recorded at Awaken Yoga!

Delivery Strength Podcast

Jenna guests on the Delivery Strength Podcast at the 2017 Rally to Improve Birth in Chardon, Ohio. She’s on at the 54:00 minute mark!

Weekly Prenatal Yoga Classes

Prenatal Packages:

10 classes: $120 (9 month expiration, no refunds, no exchanges) – Buy Now!
5 classes: $65 (75 day expiration, no refunds, no exchanges) – Buy Now!
Drop-in: $15 – Sign Up!

Prenatal Massage

Table Massage: 
30 minutes, $70
60 minutes, $125
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Thank you so much for your support! I truly truly truly have enjoyed the prenatal yoga class. I am not typically one that would go to a class by myself, especially a type of class that I have never done before but I’m so glad I did! It has been my hour retreat every week and I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing it felt to get out of the house (by myself!) and spend an hour in your class! Thank you!

- Rachel

Jennifer Langsdale, founder, owner and director of Awaken Yoga
Jennifer Langsdale

E-RYT, Inner Wisdom® Founder & Practitioner, Thai Massage Therapist

Work with Jennifer throughout your pregnancy and beyond for a more balanced motherhood transition.

Planet Prana Podcast

Jennifer was also a guest on the Planet Prana Podcast, speaking about all things Women’s Studies and Yoga. Included is an audio of an invigorating 90 minute Goddess Intoxication class recorded at Awaken Yoga!

Prepare for the arrival of your baby with our

Prenatal Private Yoga Sessions: $60

With Jennifer Langsdale
Enjoy a specifically designed 50 minute practice for your aches, pains and focused needs to help you relax in your pre-mama body or to prepare you for birth! Jennifer is a yoga teacher as well as a doula.


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postnatal-private-yogaGet the support you need after pregnancy with our

Postnatal Private Yoga Sessions: $60

With Jennifer Langsdale
Do you have a lot of aches and pains from your last pregnancy? Did you know you are considered to be postnatal for up to 1-2 years after birth/breast feeding? Many women suffer from their bodies not being quite right after birth due to many factors that can happen in labor. Take this specially-tailored-to-you session to help you deal with your postnatal issues connected to physical discomfort, mental strain, depression, anxiety, stress, or just the need to be take care of.

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My breech baby flipped! She is head down and in position! Thanks so much for all your support throughout the prenatal yoga series! I really enjoyed the class and can’t wait to come back for the Baby & Me class!

- Leah, first time mama