Yoga at Awaken…

Yoga and Awaken have changed my life! I’m in a MUCH better place than I was 3 years ago. Emotionally, spiritually, mentally…and oh yeah, physically! Thank you for creating Awaken and having the courage to run this business. Thank you for bringing your gifts and talents to the world for the rest of us to enjoy!!

– Jenna H.

Thank you for creating Awaken. I can’t tell you how much happier and better I have felt since coming on a more regular basis this year. Your teachers are amazing and so incredibly helpful and patient. I learn something new every time I take a class. Can’t thank you enough.

– Jan B.

At Awaken Yoga I found a sanctuary & outlet for my stress. I learned how yoga can help my body physically as well as help me mentally and emotionally.

– Kira T.

Yoga Sculpt is a great mix of yoga, strength, cardio and fun. My upper body and core are stronger, which has definitely helped my traditional yoga practice. If you want to tone your muscles and have some fun while you are doing it, give yoga sculpt a try!

– Justine R.

Hi Jen – I am writing this message to you because I want you to know how much I get out of your class every week. I have some issues with anxiety, and Deep Stretch is incredibly helpful. Sometimes I feel like your class is designed just for me! So thank you so much! It helps me stay centered and focused on staying calm and letting go.

– long time student

Jenn, I loved your Yoga and the Moon workshop so much. It inspired me to finally setup a new altar! I haven’t had the space for years, so now that I finally do, this weekend I went out and bought a nice table for my bedroom and am starting a seasonally-themed space just for me to reflect, meditate, and recharge each night. I am also inspired by your lesson about doing certain yoga poses at different times of the month, and I’m already starting to pay more attention to the moon’s cycle. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

– Catherine M.

Teacher Training

Awaken Yoga School is the place for your teaching training. Over the years Jennifer Langsdale has taken her incredible and it seems endless knowledge and devised a well-rounded, comprehensive teacher training program that is grounded and dedicated to the true roots of yoga. If you want an authentic experience, look no further than this studio and it’s many offerings. Along with a variety of educational opportunities there are also daily classes, workshops, and massages. I feel extremely blessed to have “awakened” my yogic studies here.

– Amy B.

I have thought many times over the past two years how thankful I am for you and your Teacher Training program. I consistently go back to our notes and handouts from TT and just think about how lucky I am to have gone to such a great yoga school. I always recommend you to anyone I know wanting to become a teacher.

You truly prepared me in every way possible to be the best teacher I can be. From asana, to homework material that I still use ie; release forms / questionnaire etc, to creating bhava and teaching in my own style. I quit my day job to pursue teaching full time in May and couldn’t be happier! Thank you for paving the way. Thank you thank you thank you 🙂

– Gina M.

I dabbled in Yoga for many years and across many states because we moved frequently with the Army. When we finally settled in Ohio, one of the first things I wanted to do was find a Yoga studio and begin seriously practicing Yoga. I had such a strong desire to learn and was extremely fortunate to take my first class with Jennifer Langsdale. Little did I know that meeting her would not only develop into a nurturing teacher / student relationship but additionally, another long time dream of becoming a Yoga Teacher finally came to fruition when I enrolled in Jennifer’s 300 Hour Teacher Training Program.

Studying with Jennifer has provided me with a solid foundation of Yoga Study and Asana Practice. Her program is structured in a way that every class builds on the last and links solidly to the next. The program is designed to provide a balance between reading, lecture, assignments, and practice which promotes individualized growth and development in the study and practice of Yoga. The school setting is a soft, calm, nurturing environment. The curriculum provides a variety of topics and styles providing exposure to various practice styles and thought which helps the student develop a strong solid foundation. As a teacher, Jen is extremely knowledgeable yet flexible and understanding. She helps and guides each and every student develop their own personal and individualized style of practice and teaching. She has high expectations of her students and motivates them to push their boundaries. At the same time, she is always open and understanding – ready to lend a helping hand.

As one of Jen’s students, I only hope to be as inspiring to others as she has been to me. Preparing to branch out on your own can be a daunting concept but no one ever leaves Jen’s school for good. She is always ready to lend an ear or give advice, she wants her students to succeed. She provides ongoing training and classes to support graduates as they continue to learn and improve their craft. Jen’s passion for what she does is contagious. Sharing her love of Yoga is her unending gift of love, health, and wellness for body, mind and spirit, given freely with no attachment to one and all.

– Deborah M.

I am so grateful that I was led to this studio to take my 200 hour certification! I love Jenn and Lisa so much, they are truly wonderful people. Jenn was a phenomenal instructor and her love for yoga really shined through everyday! She made sure to give everyone personal attention and the classes went beyond asana to teach history, philosophy, anatomy and more. I learned how to improve my own practice immensely, while learning how to appropriately instruct others, while having fun! I was also given the chance to teach yoga at this studio once I completed my contact hours, which I am immensely thankful for. This studio offers a various selection of classes, and there is one for everybody from beginner to expert. I would highly recommend this studio to anyone!

– Kara S.

Thanks so much for your support. In reflecting on the experiences of this summer, I am greatly impressed by the quality of instruction, the rigor of the course you have designed, and the wonderful way it has played out with the group (which I am grateful and proud to have been a part of).

– Dick

Hi Jennifer,

I attached my two best pictures of my before and after asanas. That boat pose is a REAL eye opener. Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement! It brings a tear to my eye every time I think of it. Lots of Love and Gratitude to you!

– David

I miss these learning immersion opportunities very much, makes me even more grateful for you, your knowledge and how you constantly expand my horizons. I love leaving feeling I have learned but knowing how much more I still have to go. I should have made time for “self care” and booked an appointment with you to stretch me. I will not make that mistake again. Again, I learned so much about working with the population that will use this class. [Chair Yoga Training with Anne Ondrey]
– Nancy K.

Just taking a brief moment to send you a message of gratitude for a wonderful, enriched weekend. I sometimes process things at a slower pace, so as I have gone through my morning routines, some of your ideas, thoughts, inspirations are popping up in my head. I sincerely appreciate you in my life and once again am reminded of many things, but most importantly – there are no mistakes. I wish you a day filled with peace and serenity knowing you are a true inspiration to others. Thanks for all that you do. [Chair Yoga Training with Anne Ondrey]
– Loretta N.

I had such an incredible experience continuing my education [Vinyasa Training] with Jenn and the Awaken Yoga Teacher Training instructors. Each instructor brings something different to the classroom to learn and grow from, providing the students with a well-rounded understanding of not only asana, but philosophy, as well. Jenn and the other instructors meet each student where they are and help them grow in a way that is unique. Studying with Jenn pushed me physically, mentally, and spiritually to dive into a deeper space as a yoga teacher and life-long student. In addition to this, I met some really great people who I know I can always turn to for yoga inspiration or even to get together outside of the yoga space to hang out! If you’re looking for an authentic yoga experience with incredibly knowledgeable instructors and a great community, Awaken Yoga is the place to be! Thanks a million!

– Vanessa D.

Having the opportunity to study and train to be a vinyasa yoga teacher at Awaken yoga was the experience of a lifetime. My favorite part of training was the fact that I got to learn from Jennifer Langsdale the ultimate vinyasa teacher. Shiva Rea was my vinyasa idol and then I took classes with Jenn. There is no holding back with her…in order to teach you to become a good teacher she breaks down your barriers and gets you to your own essence. Authenticity is a word that is thrown around quite a bit these days but that is what you get with Jenn and Awaken yoga, a true authentic experience…after taking a break from my vinyasa practice for pregnancy and caring for an infant I’m creeping back into my vinyasa…I look forward to getting back to Awaken for a class, a workshop…whatever I can get into. Awaken will always be a place of spiritual growth for me…making me a better yoga teacher.

– Stephanie B.

I thank you for being my guidance in many aspects of my life through the energetic lessons you taught thru Inner Wisdom® and Teacher Training. You are an awesome teacher and I am most grateful that our paths crossed. What you do is “priceless!”.
– Denise

Prenatal Yoga

My care provider kept telling me the last couple of weeks of my pregnancy that my baby was really low. I think it was the prenatal yoga that put him in a good position and made delivery easy! I pushed once! The recovery has been a lot easier this time and I was wondering if a large part was due to no epidural (I had the epidural with my first). It has been an awesome experience and I’m so glad I got a chance to take your classes! Thank you for everything!

– Allison, mama of two

Prenatal yoga changed the course of my pregnancy, labor, and birth. During class, I was able to slow down and connect with both my baby and my pregnant self. Each week I was surprised by what I could no longer do, but also what I could still accomplish. At 39 weeks pregnant I got into pigeon pose and was shocked because I couldn’t get into it years ago, pre-pregnancy! I felt very relaxed, fluid, and at peace after every class. We focused a lot on mantras and positive affirmations, many of which stuck with my subconscious and resurfaced during labor. What I learned in prenatal yoga sparked such intensive research about the birth process and my options that I changed my entire birth plan from a hospital birth with an OBGYN to having a home birth with a midwife and a doula.

– Danielle, first time mama

My breech baby flipped! She is head down and in position! Thanks so much for all your support throughout the prenatal yoga series! I really enjoyed the class and can’t wait to come back for the Baby & Me class!

– Leah, first time mama

Prenatal yoga was instrumental in early labor. I used both breath and movement to manage the pain. In birth, yoga played a big role too as I kept repeating the mantra “my body knows how to give birth, my baby knows how to be born!” It was very reassuring to me.

– Kristen, first time mama

I used prenatal yoga the whole time I was in labor! When I first started to feel contractions, I did figure 8s with my hips. As the contractions became more intense and closer together, I squatted and this helped immensely. Cat – Cow were also one of my best friends during the beginning to relieve back pain. Throughout the rest of labor, slow deep breathing was important, too.

– Susan, mama to three

Thank you so much for your support! I truly truly truly have enjoyed the prenatal yoga class. I am not typically one that would go to a class by myself, especially a type of class that I have never done before, but I’m so glad I did! It has been my hour retreat every week and I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing it felt to get out of the house (by myself!) and spend an hour in your class! Thank you!

– Rachel

– Susan, mama to three

I had a precipitous labor, only three hours long and arrived at the hospital just 30 minutes before she was born! I got the perfect unmedicated birth that I was dreaming for and I think a lot of the reason why it was so fast was because she was in the perfect position from all the yoga classes with you. So thank you, and thanks for giving me the confidence to be able to have the birth I wanted. I’m hoping to take one of those Baby and Me classes soon!

– Emily

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed and benefited from your [Jenna Hull] prenatal class! My daughter was born yesterday morning after a crazy fast, hard labor. I didn’t get a chance to use a lot of the comfort and relaxation measures I’d learned from you, but I feel like my body and mind were really well prepared to handle an intense labor and that as hard as it was I was able to keep in mind the work the contractions were doing and move my body to help them be as efficient as possible.

– Liz

Hey Jenna! Just wanted to let you know we had our baby at 41+3. I was scheduled for an induction later that same day, but she arrived on her own. I had a precipitous labor, only three hours long and arrived at the hospital just 30 minutes before she was born! I got the perfect unmedicated birth that I was dreaming for and I think a lot of the reason why it was so fast was because she was in the perfect position from all the yoga classes with you. So thank you, and thanks for giving me the confidence to be able to have the birth I wanted. I’m hoping to take one of those baby and me Classes soon!

– Emily

Inner Wisdom®

I was introduced to Jennifer and Inner Wisdom® therapy at a point in my life that dealing with the negative cycles I felt myself stuck in had become unbearable and seemingly inescapable. I had survived an adverse childhood, an abusive marriage, and was a new mother feeling that I was guilty and destined to attract more suffering. I knew I needed something more than I had been finding in traditional “talk it out” therapy. I didn’t know exactly what yet but I needed to take back my life and my self.

Jenn offered herself as a safe place to explore what was going on within myself and her guidance helped me to see in what ways I had become stuck in my thinking, response patterns, and build awareness around the connections to my physical and emotional body. This was also the time I began exploring yoga and building physical strength and a connecting with my body in a compassionate way after years of disconnect/dissociation. I have been able to take my power back and it has changed the way I treat myself and what I have to offer others.

She is incredibly intuitive, insightful, and creative in her approach when asking questions, gently guiding the session, and in helping you to find ways to take it home with you. She is genuinely caring and warm while still pushing you to grow when you are ready. I recommend the Inner Wisdom® program to anyone willing to put in the work to gain a better understanding of themselves and taking back the power over their life.

– K

The moment I met Jennifer Langsdale I knew there was something special about her. I started at Awaken Yoga as a very inexperienced yoga student looking for an outlet for some very intense stress that had been hindering my daily life. My husband and I had been dealing with the heartbreaking experience of infertility. That along with a very stressful work environment and the declining health of both of my parents, life had become more than I could take. At Awaken I found exactly what I needed, a sanctuary and outlet for that stress.

From Jennifer I learned how yoga could help my body physically as well as help me mentally and emotionally learn to cope with life’s stresses. After several months of yoga classes, I approached Jennifer at different times about my issues with infertility. She suggested that I try Inner Wisdom® Therapy. Medical intervention was not working and I was willing to try anything. After my First Inner Wisdom® session I felt inspired. I stepped down from a management position at work that was no longer serving me and decided to pursue becoming a Inner Wisdom® practitioner.

About half way through my 8 Inner Wisdom® sessions and 2 weekends into practitioner training I found out I was pregnant. Medically it was the most unlikely time for it to have happened. I truly believe that Jennifer was brought into my life for many reasons. I am so happy I paid attention to the messages I was given.

Over the past year and a half I can say with all honesty she has had a hand in changing my life simply by being a patient teacher, a discreet and compassionate practitioner and maybe most importantly a loving friend.

– Kira T.

In a relaxed and comfortable setting, Jennifer used guided questions to help me explore my chakras. The exploration of my chakras allowed me to examine each one to determine disturbed areas in my body. I was given a specific mantra to meditate on to help me create balance in my chakras. Jennifer’s kindness and compassion as well as intuition is a great comfort throughout the process of my exploration. Thank you Jennifer!

– Christina J.

Partaking in a directed journey through each chakra has been invaluable. Lindsay’s guidance helped me to realize ways that my energy had been bound. Nuances of how and why the energy was bound came to light during our sessions, and this understanding gave me the ability to release the hold. Intentionally moving through the chakra system was a mind opening experience.

Since Lindsay and I have worked together, I have noticed major changes in my daily life. Several things have become apparent since we first began; my creativity and intuition have been freed, I think much more positively about myself, my self-worth has increased drastically, and there has been a notable decrease in the frustration and anxiety I previously experienced.

Thanks to the Inner Wisdom® technique, I have experienced an influx in the ability to claim my own personal power. This, if nothing else, has been revolutionary.

– Liza E.

Jennifer has a way of knowing when you are in need of healing, even when you don’t know it yourself. The Inner Wisdom® technique she created is a pathway to healing yourself through the intuitive and thoughtful guidance of the practitioner.

Jennifer has been working with me since a slew of traumas finally caught up with me: Losing my late-husband to cancer at 28, moving across the country, homesickness while living in a new country, my now-husband’s serious illness & recovery, the culture shock of moving back to the U.S., and two miscarriages. I’ve tried to work through all this grief and anxiety alone, but it never helped because I didn’t realize how ingrained into my psyche it had became. I am an artist, and oftentimes artists can work through their pain by creating art! Well, that hasn’t been the case for me, at least not as much as I needed. My creativity was suffering greatly from all the mental, emotional and physical pain wreaking havoc on my entire being.

Working with Jennifer to heal this chaos has been an eye-opening journey, and I am already seeing the benefits from just a few Inner Wisdom® Sessions. As I go forward with it, I know I will gain more insight and tools to help me get my creativity and my life back!

– Catherine M.

Inner Wisdom® Training

What a blessing Inner Wisdom® is. Helping me reconnect with the strength that was buried way down in the depths of my soul to deal with life’s challenges. To help my heart break wide open from the shackles it’s been hidden in for all these years to be able to finally accept the love I deserve. Can’t thank you enough for this incredible work and sharing your gift with others. What an amazing tool for true healing.

Thank you!!!!

– Barbara D.

My experience of going through Inner Wisdom® training at Awaken Yoga has been life changing. This training gave me confidence in my self and helped me to release issues from my past that were holding me back in life. Inner Wisdom® has not only helped me heal on a personal level, but it gave me the knowledge and tools to go on to help others find a sense of deep healing in their lives.

The environment during training always felt very safe and supported, which is important because at times the group was sharing some very deep seeded issues. It was also very helpful to be able to practice sessions on each other during training because we were able to experience just how powerful this journey work is. I highly recommend this training and I am very grateful for my teacher Jennifer Langsdale for creating this amazing healing practice.

– Lindsay R.

Jennifer, thank you SO much. This was such an amazing experience and I LOVE Inner Wisdom® training!!!! This is exactly the healing method I was looking for in order to put my healing practice together. I really am grateful to you for everything and I’m so glad to have you in my life. You have been an amazing mentor and your words, encouragement and everything you have taught us often comes back to me as I navigate through life and while I figure out fully what I am meant to do for my career. I appreciate you very much – you have taught me a great deal and I will always be grateful for that.

– Veronica R.

Thank you so much! I absolutely love Inner Wisdom® and I am amazed at the difference it makes in people’s lives. I have seen growth in all my clients that have partaken. The client I worked with that is fighting cancer has improved greatly physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I want to thank you for putting together such an amazing healing technique that I believe in, and endorse, fully. You, my friend, are one of the pioneers helping to change how we see health and healing and I thank you for these tools to add to my dream of guiding people to reach their potential and to know fully their capacity to heal themselves.

– Veronica R. (after implementing Inner Wisdom® in her practice)

Therapeutic & Restorative Training

I love Anne’s enthusiasm and depth of knowledge. Having been a yoga teacher for many years, coming to Anne’s classes makes me a better teacher and makes me more in tune with my students’ strengths and challenges, enabling me to help them more. The ease with which she bridges emotional life and Asana with alignment is inspiring! Anne is my “go to” person whenever I have anatomy questions. Any teacher/student new or old can benefit immensely from her knowledge.

– Denise B.

Meditation & Pranayama 101

The Meditation and Pranayama 101 weekend made me feel like I was at a weekend retreat. Not only did I learn the science behind breathing & relaxation but Jennifer also shared so many unique breathing and relaxation techniques that I can use in my everyday life. I was able to immediately use what I learned in class for my own personal practice & also in the yoga classes I lead. I left the weekend feeling 100% restored, relaxed and informed. I want to take it again! 🙂

– Alison W.

Meditation Pranayama was life changing and absolutely my favorite Yogic class to date. I learned to find a place of total tranquility and now know how to return there. This was a body, mind, heart and soul connection class that I am most grateful to have experienced. When it was over, my mind was so clear and tranquil which opened my heart to accept whatever presents itself in my life. Jenn is a most awesome instructor ~ I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this class.

– Denise

This Yogic Studies weekend has been probably my favorite so far. This was an intense and educational weekend for me. I am still very much a beginner to all of the yogic studies. I took this class because it is required to complete the Inner Wisdom® practitioner certification. I can say I went in not really knowing what to expect but knowing I needed this weekend as a requirement toward my larger goal. Boy was I surprised! This weekend was such a gift.

I left each day with renewed energy and excitement. The benefits of meditation and different breath techniques have been endless for me. My personal mediation practice has deepened significantly since completing this weekend. I have been able to pass on the gifts of meditation and pranayama to my friends and family. It was a wonderful Yogic Studies weekend I would recommend it to anyone that is even the slightest bit curious.

– Kira T.

Meditation & Pranayama 102

Thank you for the beautiful Meditation – Breath Work workshop. I must share with you that last night I slept 12 hours! OMG, I don’t think I have ever done this in my life. Great way to end my birthday – start my new year of life! Namaste – your studio is fabulous!!!

– Sharon L.

Private Yoga Sessions

I want to share that I am progressing since my last private yoga session. I have practiced every day – from 15-35 minutes. I committed to getting up early to practice before getting ready for work. I have done so all but one day. I am encouraged with my progress. The sun salutations are a challenge for me but still I keep trying. The benefit from the daily practice is evident in how I respond to stressful situations – I am calm and patience.

I am grateful to you for your guidance. I am grateful for you!

– Cheryl T.

Our staff from work went to a private yoga class yesterday led by Emily Abbott. The class was awesome, and Emily did a great job with our group which included both experienced yoga students as well as some first timers. We were given a tour of the studio, and the entire experience was top rate! Thank you!

– Dave Ohler, Lake Elementary School, Mentor-on-the-Lake