Yoga is like a tree with many branches.

Each branch is a way to practice yoga. We teach the branch called Hatha Yoga (pronounced HA TAH). In Hatha, we practice postures called asanas and breath practices called pranayamas, which tone and condition the mind and body to sit for meditation. Hatha translates to “sun/moon”, meaning, we are trying to balance our being through this yoga practice.

Styles of yoga we teach

The styles of yoga are like the little branches off the big branches of the tree of yoga. We offer…

  • Gentle Yoga – gentle movements and lots of relaxation.
  • Beginner Yoga and Mixed Level Yoga – basic & beyond asanas and breathing techniques, followed with deep relaxation.
  • Vinyasa Yoga – flowing and challenging movement practice (not recommended for beginners).
  • Restorative Yoga – completely supportive practice using lots of props to support the body on the floor.

How will I feel during and after class?

Yoga is about balancing the nervous system, and creating a calm, stress-free environment for your mind and body. You may feel like a posture is hard or challenging on the body, since our bodies might not be used to stretching or using certain muscle groups at first. But after the pose is done, and at the end of class, most people feel refreshed, like they just had a session at the spa.

Take a Class

Take a Yoga Class at Awaken Yoga


We offer a variety of workshops about yoga topics and practice, but also yogic lifestyle topics like health & nutrition and spiritual living. All of our workshops are beginner-friendly, as we always start with a topic from the very beginning.

During our workshops, you will be in an exciting learning environment, supported by the teacher to learn at a pace that is best for you. Most workshops last 2 hours and cost around $40-50, depending on the supplies the teacher provides and the classroom experience we are offering.

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